Triplefast Middle East Team 12-Week Slim Down Challenge 2018

26 June 2018

Triplefast Middle East launched a Team 12-Week Slim Down Challenge on March 8, 2018. The challenge main objectives were to promote and enhance awareness among TME employees the importance of reducing unhealthy diet and physical inactivity and to encourage them in achieving and maintaining NORMAL RANGE Body Mass Index (BMI) to reduce the risk of having non-communicable diseases.

The challenge was participated by a total of 24 teams. Each of the teams was consisted of 2-4 members. A biweekly weight monitor or weigh-in was implemented during the whole challenge period. Winners were determined by the team's average BMI loss percentage (not the total weight lost).

In the end, 3 teams won the challenge. Third place was achieved by the FLASH FAM (Jean Diosana - QMS Department and Ronelyn Lecaroz - HSE Department) with an average of 8.09% BMI reduction (10.6kg total weight lost). Second place was attained by the TME CHALLENGERS (Abilash Vincent, Anna Liza Malata, Charmaine Arellano and Bijula Leon - Sales Department ) with an average of 9.85% BMI reduction (31.5kg total weight lost). First place was won by the BELLY BLASTER (Mohsin Khot, Reynato Apostol and Angelbert Albero - Machining Department) with an average of 11.66% BMI reduction (32.9kg total weight lost). A special award, Biggest Loser, was given to Mohsin Khot for shredding his weight off by a total of 19kg.

A short but joyful winners awarding ceremony was held on June 24, 2018. All the winners received cash prizes and certificates of recognition which were presented by Mr. Steve Kettle, MENA-APAC VP and TME MD, who also gave the closing remarks by thanking all the participants and challenge organizers and highlighting the importance of keeping being healthy.


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