We understand your performance expectations and know how to match, even exceed, them

LoneStar Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of high performance fasteners, sealing and precision engineered components to the world's energy markets.  We offer global solutions for the petrochemical industry. Support operational performance in oil and gas. Provide fast delivery and large inventory for the power generating industry. And have the people and know-how to deliver first-class solutions for renewable energies.

LoneStar Group's capabilities offer you a range of vital benefits:

  • In-house coating and plating for rapid, on-time delivery
  • Large inventories and safety stock
  • Investment in machining to reduce lifetime costs
  • Consistent, optimized product performance
  • High integrity local supply, innovation and traceability
  • Manufacture from prototype to production for custom projects
  • Optimized on-hand delivery to meet daily production needs
  • Supply chain management expertise
  • Tailor-made contract supply service
  • Rigorous quality control

Your industry is only as strong as its many component parts and services. LoneStar's record of lifelong, global commitment to excellence is your guarantee of consistent optimized performance in every part and service we offer you throughout the world of energy.

LoneStar Group provides you with the following services:

  • Dedicated stock production
  • Consignment stocks ‘on & off' site
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Custom packaging
  • Product identification
  • Reverse engineering 
  • Kitting
  • VMI & on-site representation
  • E-commerce / EDI links
  • "Kan Ban” – on-site replenishment


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