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LoneStar is known worldwide for its manufacture and stock holding of high performance fasteners, however we also supply a range of commercially available components as a result of managing and maintaining customer contractual requirements and consignment stocks.

We maintain an inventory of standard commercial ASTM, SAE fasteners and in the following materials:

Carbon Steel & Medium
Tensile Products
Stainless Steel
High Grade Bolting
Metric Grades: Austenitic Grades: Brass Hex Bolts Socket Screws:
4.6 A2 (AISI 304) Copper 10.9
5.6 A4 (AISI 316) Phosphor 12.9
6.8   Bronze 14.9
8.8 316L Silicon Hex and Self Locking Nuts:
Imperial Grades: B8 Aluminium 10
R B8M   12
S   Hardened Washers:
T   DIN 6916

Non Standard

LoneStar's leading manufacturing facilities enable us to manufacture and modify components to facilitate non standard fasteners to your bespoke requirements.

We can manufacture to drawings and employ reverse engineering to any sample provided by you with additional validation of dimensional, chemical and mechanical requirements.

Non standard fasteners are often project specific and can be manufactured in all types of materials on a lead time to suit your requirement.

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