Petrochemical – failure is not an option

Onshore processing of natural resources is anything but a picnic in the park. Exacting standards must be met. Maximised performance is called for 24/7. Failure would create exceptional costs, either of reprocessing or product downgrading in your downstream supply environment. Neither is acceptable to you, nor to LoneStar.

Our long experience of manufacturing optimally designed components coupled with rigorous pre- and post-manufacturing testing helps eliminate internal waste and drives supply costs to you down. Custom products for high-stress applications can be sourced from our diverse range of engineered machined components.

Because we understand the importance of reducing cycle times and minimising your costs, we continually invest in inventory which gives us the financial means to do both. Also the consistent performance of LoneStar's high-integrity products keeps lifetime costs competitive to meet requirements and ease any other financial pressures you might face.

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