LoneStar specialises in reverse manufacturing and modification across a wide range of critical parts for a variety of industry applications

The decline of the manufacturing industry in some countries has left many customers unable to source obsolete critical parts. Replacing old, aged and damaged components can be expensive or even impossible to do however in many instances, a re-manufactured component can perform better and cost less to manufacture than the original.

Central to LoneStar's success has been the ability to manufacture products both to customer drawings and samples. These skills are employed in the process of Reverse Engineering.

LoneStar will carry out a range of processes to reproduce your components, considering all options to ensure the methods used will provide high quality reproductions at the lowest possible cost:

  • In-depth analysis is used, such as PMI recognition to identify the correct materials
  • Accurate measurements are taken from the sample product using our in house co-ordinared measuring machine
  • A fully dimensional model or CAD drawing is then produced based on the dimensions
  • Further analysis is made to ensure the correct standards and tolerances have been assigned
  • The detailed CAD drawing is then transferred to our in house CNC Machines
  • Inspection takes place to ensure conformance and the quality components are then dispatched to the customer  

Reverse Engineering at LoneStar can also be deployed against a customer supplied drawing and/or other forms of technical specification.

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