Jacketed Gaskets - for shell and tube type exchangers

Consisting of a soft filler embedded in a metallic material, jacketed gaskets provide both resilience and strength for a number of shell and tube type applications. Most jacketed gaskets are application specific and therefore precision and attention to detail is crucial during production.

With extensive manufacturing expertise and capabilities, LoneStar is able to ensure the jacketed gaskets we manufacture meet customer specifications along with those set by national and international industry standards.

The style of jacketed gaskets and selected materials varies according to operating conditions of the heat exchangers:

Styles Materials
Solid Metal Aramco Iron
Single Jacketed Graphite
Double Jacketed PTFE
Corrugated Compressed Fibre
Spiral Wound Stainless Steel

The Jacketed gaskets LoneStar produce can also be supplied in a variety of configurations and shapes:

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