LoneStar Leeds is the unique integration of two world class brands, LoneStar LWD and LoneStar Grange.

Both companies have a long history in engineering excellence, with LWD starting in 1942, followed by Grange Gaskets 6 years later in 1948.

LoneStar LWD, known for its supply and manufacture of critical components, merged with LoneStar Grange, recognized for its stock and manufacturing of seals and gaskets, to become LoneStar Leeds in 2013.

From standard, off the shelf seal rings to full turnkey manufacture of products and services, LoneStar Leeds offers a complete range of products and services. Boasting 45 CNC machines, together with a wide range of other in-house processes including coating and plating, LoneStar Leeds ensures components are consistently delivered on time.


 LoneStar Leeds              
Orbital Industry Park,             
Hudswell Road, Leeds, LS10 1AG             

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