Industrial coatings for the Oil, Gas, Defence, Sealing, Auto and General Engineering industries

To compliment the manufacture of precision engineered components, the LoneStar facility in Leeds UK also offer a wide range of surface coatings and treatments. Whether it's for anti corrosion, wear resistance or anti gauling applications, LoneStar is able to offer a solution to ensure customer requirements and specifications are met.

Surface Coatings

Electroless Nickel Plating


  • High electroless nickel plating designed for high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance
  • Having a standard hardness of 500-600 hv, it can also be heat treated to a hardness of 1100 hv
  • Gives an even deposit regardless of component form and typical deposit thickness is 0.0002 inches to 0.003 inches (5 microns to 80 microns)


Xylan Coatings

  • A PTFE coating used where low co efficient of friction is required along with wear resistance
  • Used to prevent scoring and gauling
  • Protects against atmospheric corrosion
  • Available in numerous grades and colours and is generally applied after phosphating


Molybdenum Disulphide

  • A graphite based coating providing lubricity, corrosion resistance and anti gauling properties
  • Good heat and chemical resistance at high temperatures
  • Can be applied as a base coat only or with an additional top coat for increased properties


Epoxy Coatings

  • Provides good corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • A wide variety of paint systems to suit most applications/environments
  • Available in a wide range of colours


Surface Treatments

Manganese Phosphating


  • A formulated solution designed for the conversion of iron and steel surfaces to a heavy weight, smooth and compact magnaese iron crystalline structure
  • Can be used prior to other coatings to improve adhesion or as a stand-alone process with oil to give excellent lubrication and corrosion resistant properties


Shot Peening

  • Induces compressive stress into the surface of the component thus increasing crack resistance
  • Steel or glass media can be used depending on customer requirement and application


White Pickling

  • Etching process used to remove contamination from the components surface
  • Assists the prevention of surface oxidisation of duplex and super duplex materials
  • Safe and environmentally friendly chemicals used



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